PA0 Phase Animated Oscillator

It's not just a phase... PA0 is a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) module for Eurorack. It is a triangle core design with an additional triangle phase animator circuit which provides a copy of the 4 primary waveform outputs (triangle, saw, sine, and square) with adjustable phase lag from 0 to 180 degrees. Additionally the phase animator can be pushed past 0 and 180 to add additional harmonics. PA0 provides true through-zero linear phase modulation (PM) and linear frequency modulation (FM), as well as exponential FM.

+ Through zero PM and FM
+ Lockable phase difference of 90 degrees (quadrature)
+ 2 types of sync: hard and soft
+ 8-position octave rotary selector with high-class encoder
+ Several auxiliary waves including sub octave square, PWM (modulated through phase modulation system), and "MW" wave.

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- 18HP module size, 25mm Deep
- Power: 110mA +12V / 95mA -12V

PA0 User Manual (Rev 03)

Demo Video: