We design hiqh-quality electronic music machines in Portland, Oregon. Classic analog sounds with new twists!
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New Firmware: H1 v1.0.8 Release notes in ZIP file. See files on H1 main page by clicking below.

SE1 Shaped VC Envelope

Analog ADSR with individual shape selections for Attack, Decay, and Release.

H1 Analog Harmonizer

2 channel digitally-controlled analog oscs with pitch tracking, quantizer and more.

SF1 Dual / Stereo VCF

2 channel pole-mixing VCF with 9 output types and CV-controlled crossfading output.

2V2 Dual Analog VCO

Dual syncable analog VCO with through-zero linear FM, envelope input, and LFO switches.

M3S Stereo Mixer

Compact 3-Channel stereo mixer with DC or AC coupling.

PA0 Phase Animated Oscillator

Analog triangle-core VCO with unique triangle phase-animator circuit for true linear PM.

AD110 Analog Drums

6-Voice vintage-style analog drum voice.

B2 Kick / Bass Synth Voice

Analog monosynth designed for basslines and kick drums sounds.

TZ0 Thru-Zero Oscillator

Analog triangle-core VCO with through-zero FM and FM offset control.